6 Easy Steps to Start Using Self Storage

After much thinking, you have decided on a self storage company to store with. So what now? How do you actually start using it? What are the steps to start using self storage? The best way is to personally go down to the facility and know exactly what you want and what is needed.

1. Know what you want to store

Before even deciding to store with which self storage company, you should ask yourself whether do you really need self storage. Are you lacking in space at home or in your office? Are the items worth storing or are they better off thrown away?

2. Know the duration of storage

How long are you intending to store the things? If you are intending for long term storage, use this as a bargain chip to negotiate for a lower rental cost. If it’s short term storage, it doesn’t really matter much.

3. Know the size of the unit required

Different storage unit sizes will incur different rental cost. Always plan what you are intending to store now and in the near future. You do not want a scenario where your existing storage unit is too small after a few months. Neither do you want a unit that is too huge nor are you paying for the excess space that is never going to be utilised.

4. Know the type of storage required

Depending on the things that you wish to store, a normal storage unit may do fine. If you are intending to store things that are sensitive to moisture or temperature, you will need a special temperature controlled unit which will cost more.

5. Location of the self storage facility

The location of the self storage facility is very important. You do not want to spend hours travelling to the facility just to retrieve your items. Neither do you want a facility that is located in a prime located which is double or triple the rental cost elsewhere. You need to strike a balance between location, accessibility, convenience and cost.

6. Transportation options

You need to plan out how you are going to transport your items to the self storage facility. Are you going to use your own vehicle, rent a van, engage a professional mover or use the self storage company’s movers? All these depend on the size and quantity of your items as well as your budget constraints.

Above are 6 easy steps to kick starting your self storage experience. Self storage is a fun thing and it should be simple and fuss free. You will be amazed at the convenience it brings you and the extra space you gained in your home or office.